CryptoCurrencyWire’s latest audio production features Mario Nawfal, co-founder of publicly listed NFT Technologies Inc., a leading technology company partnering with top-tier brands to accelerate their entry into the world of web3 through innovative technologies and unparalleled creativity.


To begin the interview, Nawfal discussed his entrepreneurial background in the cryptocurrency space.


“I got into crypto in 2017. I had a big e-commerce business at the time, and I had been watching bitcoin for a while. I should’ve owned a lot of them, but, long story short, I didn’t,” Nawfal said. “I launched IBC Group, which is now one of the largest incubators and media empires in the space. We started as a consulting firm, later became a marketing agency and then became an incubator in 2021.


“I used to be really big on Clubhouse, so a lot of people know my voice but don’t know how I look beyond that picture – I used to have the same picture everywhere. I saw the power of live [content] – even live audio… The reason for this power is the conversion rate. I would tell people on Clubhouse to take a selfie and send it to me via DM, and I would be flooded by hundreds and hundreds of photos. I realized the influence you have when you have people’s attention, and when it’s live, it’s just different… I started Twitter Spaces when it first launched… we had the biggest space back then in all of Twitter, and now it’s the biggest room in web3.”


Nawfal then turned his attention to the metaverse, providing insight into how he views the hot button topic.


“The metaverse is simply a digital representation of the physical world we live in today. That’s it,” he explained. “Imagine everything you do on a daily basis – making friends, signaling your identity, trying to make money, entertainment – and just replicate them in a digital world… Where the confusion happens is decentralization… We go on YouTube, TikTok or Instagram – they’re all central. The open metaverse is, for me, the real definition of the metaverse. It is essentially an open world where you can own things as well. That’s where people get confused… In the digital world you couldn’t own things, but now you can because of NFTs. This allows you to live a completely digital experience without having to depend on any central entities.”


Join IBN’s Jonathan Keim and Mario Nawfal, co-founder of NFT Technologies Inc., as they discuss the concept of owning virtual assets in the digital space and the potential of web3 to transform existing industries.

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