The parabolic rise in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has spawned a frenetic mania seldom seen in the markets.  While debate of bitcoin’s legitimacy as a long-standing form of currency continues, general consensus asserts that the underlying blockchain technology has applications that extend far beyond its connections to cryptocurrency. As such, innovative companies around the globe are beginning to employ blockchain technology to streamline business and secure transactions. Telemedicine pioneer Medical Innovation Holdings, Inc. (MIHI) is establishing a new paradigm in secure and efficient handling of patient medical and financial data. The company’s new MIHI Blockchain Platform is designed to vastly improve the safe and effective movement of patient data and result in much lower transaction costs. A first-mover in coupling blockchain and telemedicine, MIHI joins other companies in the broad business quest to streamline and secure transactions with blockchain. Financial services leader MetLife, Inc. (MET) has announced it will join banking consortium R3CEV, a distributed ledger platform designed specifically for financial services. Others embracing blockchain NXT- ID, Inc. (NXTD), Marathon Patent Group, Inc. (MARA) and Riot Blockchain, Inc. (RIOT).

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