Ever since it was introduced five years ago, virtual reality (VR) technology has been underwhelming due to the lack of content and the exuberant costs of headsets like Oculus. But this year, the VR market could grow by 25 percent, according to the Consumer Technology Association, thanks to new products announced by Google and others in the tech world. VR enthusiasts are also predicting that Steven Spielberg’s newest film, which depicts a futuristic VR universe, could push the technology into mainstream. However, the biggest boost to VR technology potentially comes from the integration of blockchain technology. This is where blockchain companies could bring the true potential of VR into life. Companies at the forefront of this technology include Victory Square Technologies, Inc. (OTC: VSQTF) (CSE: VST), 360 Blockchain, Inc. (CSE: CODE), Hashchain Technology, Inc. (TSX-V: KASH), BTCS, Inc. (OTC: BTCS), and Marathon Patent Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: MARA).

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